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Classic Fit Black Suit
June 7, 2018
Blue Plaid Skinny Tie
October 24, 2018

Slim Fit Black Tuxedo


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Our signature modern suit combines the best features of classic and slim fit designs to give you comfort and utmost style.

Color: Black

Shell: TR: (65% Tetron 35% Rayon) comfortable, breathable, softer, smoother, and easier to manage than cotton or wool.

Lining: 100% Rayon

Jacket: Custom straight pocket, non-functional buttons on sleeves, two-button vented, no pleat

Pants: Flat front, unhemmed, open bottom, 36″ length, non-pleated front design, zip fly with button closures and dual straps

Care Instructions: Dry clean only

Sizing, Fit, Mix & Match: Our suits are sold in sets with the standard 6″ size drop between the jacket and pants. We are unable to mix and match sizes for any order and do not offer alterations. The waist of our pants can be let out up to 2″ or taken in up to 3″ by a tailor, who can also taper in and shorten the suit to your desired fit.

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34S/28W, 36S/30W, 38S/32W, 40S/34W, 42S/36W, 44S/38W, 46S/40W, 48S/42W, 36R/30W, 38R/32W, 40R/34W, 42R/36W, 44R/38W, 46R/40W, 48R/42W, 50R/44W, 52R/46W, 54R/48W, 56R/50W, 58R/52W, 60R/54W, 62R/56W, 64R/58W, 38L/32W, 40L/34W, 42L/36W, 44L/38W, 46L/40W, 48L/42W, 50L/44W, 52L/46W, 54L/48W, 56L/50W, 58L/52W, 60L/54W

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